There’s a better way to gift.

Corporate gifting is a little outdated. Let’s talk about intentional gifting and support small businesses.
We can tell a better story together.

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Show your team you care. Gift intentionally.

You might not be seeing them as frequently, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remind your team you care, say thanks to your clients, or surprise users with a gift.

The best part? The premium goods in each box are sourced from and help support small businesses and local vendors!

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The mission matters because community matters.

James Forster
Marketing Head

I just opened my box.. I knew what to expect, but it was such a joy to open it and see how beautifully it was packaged! My team has been thanking me all week. This is such a great business idea. You all really “pivoted” in the best way! Thank you!

William Garrison

I am so happy you worked with us to provide this amazing token of thanks to our hardworking team. I look at this as a WIN – WIN. I look forward to doing business with you and your amazing team again!"

Lilly Croftoon
Marketing Head

The team and I are so happy with the quality of the boxes, the quick turnaround, and the mission to give back to the community. I also appreciate the attention to detail. Thank you so much to you and the team!

Big helping small. Global loving local.

How this works

Our sending platform supports local vendors across the country.

a win, win approach

Why give another gift card?
Let’s chat about meaningful gifting
and support small business!


Let’s all be small business champions.


Easy ways to stay relevant and tell a great story.

We’ve created multiple ways your brand can stay front-of-mind while gifting with intention and supporting small business.

For custom ‘sending experiences', we can work together to tell a unique story of how your brand champions small business and is impacting local communities.

Brand & Personalize Each Box
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Curated & Custom Products
Support Small Business
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