Whidbey Tea: Seattle-Based Small Business

In the northwest corner of Washington, among the evergreen trees and salty marine air, you’ll find Whidbey Tea. Based on Whidbey Island, this small tea business encourages us to slow down, enjoy the beauty of everyday moments, and ‘Steep Mindfully.’  Here’s their story:

Delaine, Whidbey Tea’s founder, is an avid gardener. It wasn’t uncommon to find her outside tending to her garden, weeding out the nettles that often threatened to overtake her garden.

One day, as chance would have it, Delaine learned that nettles are frequently used as the base ingredient for several tea blends. This gave Delaine an idea. She purchased a dehydrator, and put the pesky nettles to good use. Drying out their leaves, she would then mix them with other ingredients and make tea for her family. 

Delaine’s tea was delicious and her friends and several local markets quickly discovered the comforting drink. Demand for Delaine’s tea began to grow, and it wasn’t long before Delaine needed extra help, so she enlisted the help of her daughter to assist her in building Whidbey Tea. 

Now, Whidbey Tea can be found in over 25 different locations along the West Coast, but their values still remain the same; continually rooted in their cherished appreciation for the outdoors, and the beautiful reminder to ‘Steep Mindfully.'