Pride for your city

We love our cities. Our focus on local businesses stems from our desire to support the people that make our communities great.

Curated local city boxes

We’ve partnered with many local businesses in these cities. While we’ve pre-built an assortment of curated boxes and products, we can also customize any box!

Keep Seattle Smiling

Support small business in Seattle!

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Keep SF Smiling

Support small business in San Francisco!

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Keep LA Smiling

Support small business in Los Angeles!

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Keep Portland Smiling

Support small business in Portland!

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Keep New York Smiling

Support small business in New York!

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Custom City Box

Have a creative idea on what your box should look like? Want custom or special branded items in your box?

We'd love to make it happen!

Meet some of our small business partners

I want to thank you for this opportunity to move some product and get my name out there. Your order could not have come at a more needed time, that’s for sure!
Your business sure is helping! Morale is good around here and folks are super happy to be back at work. We are grateful to be cooking and shipping!
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