Local City Boxes

A beautiful way to delight your team and help your community, at the same time.

Pride For Your city

Why Local And Small?

We love the people that make up our city. We know we're not alone.

Our focus on small and local businesses stems from our desire to care for and support some of the people that make our communities great!

More Sustainable
Often Higher Quality
Builds Connection
Reinvests Locally

From Our Partners

I want to thank you for this opportunity to move some product and get my name out there. Your order could not have come at a more needed time, that’s for sure!
Your business sure is helping! Morale is good around here and folks are super happy to be back at work. We are grateful to be cooking and shipping!
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Keep Seattle Smiling

Support small business in Seattle!

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Keep Portland Smiling

Support small business in Portland!

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Keep SF Smiling

Support small business in San Francisco!

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Keep Austin Smiling

Support small business in Austin!

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Keep LA Smiling

Support small business in Los Angeles!

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Keep New York Smiling

Support small business in New York!

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Keep Your City Smiling

This is how we got started. It was March, 2020, and we felt for our city. Small businesses were shut. People were stuck at home. Seattle felt like a ghost town.

So we created gift boxes that supported small businesses in Seattle. The plan? Move their product, send gifts, and give people a reason to smile!

It worked. Our little idea grew bigger. We added more cities. Eventually, it turned into what we are today: a passionate team of people making corporate gifting better, more intentional, and more story-driven.

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