Gwell: New York-Based Small Business

It is a well known fact that our bodies perform at their most optimal level, when we feed them nutrient rich food. At Gwell, their mission is to make those wellness foods more easily accessible. They encompass this mission with every fiber of their being. Beginning with their name -- Gwell, which is Welsh, for better. This is their story:

Fawziyya, Gwell’s founder, is a self-proclaimed work-a-holic. In need of more balance amid her fast paced life, Fawziyya set out to find practical ways to bring more balance to her everyday routines.

Through careful research, she gained an understanding of the vast health benefits that superfoods, such as turmeric and matcha, have in helping balance our bodies. With this knowledge in hand, she began looking for ways to integrate superfoods into her daily life, that were both practical and enjoyable.

After a little recipe testing, Fawziyya discovered she could incorporate the desired superfoods into homemade snack bites. Creating a delicious and healthy snack, by using ingredients that directly targeted the various issues she was facing.

Turmeric is known to help improve immune support, so Fawziyya experimented by creating golden turmeric snack bites, to help support her immune system. Likewise, searching for a way to maintain her energy throughout the day, she made Japanese matcha bites, to sustain her energy. To Fawziyya’s joy, she began seeing positive results from the superfood snack bites, in helping combat the everyday issues she was experiencing. With the success of her experiments, she explored different ingredient and superfood combinations, to find the right bites that delivered both in taste and health benefits.

Fairly soon, Fawziyya’s snack bites, became a favorite among family and friends, and it wasn’t long before Fawziyya founded her business Gwell. With the gaining momentum, Fawziyya also saw an additional opportunity with Gwell. Using her business as a platform to help combat food disparity, starting with her neighborhood of Harlem, New York.

With this as their goal, Gwell annually commits to donating 2,500 meals a year, to children in need. While also working in partnership with local food organizations to help expand access to food and wellness education. So everyone can live a better life.