Greater Goods Coffee Co: Austin-Based Small Business

Greater Goods Coffee Co. was founded in the beautiful hill country of Austin, Texas, by Kahn Trang and Treyy Cobb, in 2015. Built on the philosophy of sourcing and roasting excellent quality coffee, Greater Goods’ coffee is certainly one of the best, named by Food and Wine Magazine as the best coffee in Texas. Perhaps though, what makes Greater Goods even more excellent, is their mission to do good for their community and partners. They do so, through several avenues.

Their most direct method is through their whole bean coffee: Every bag of coffee, Greater Goods sells, directly supports one of four Texas non-profits -- doing good for their community.

To find out which organization a coffee purchase supports, one needs only to look at the bottom of the bag, where the non-profit being supported is listed.

One bag of coffee provides meals for families in need, another bag supports bright futures for children, still a different coffee bag assists individuals with autism, and even more so an additional bag provides safety for animals in need. With more than four roasts to choose from, every bag is connected to a non-profit, to ensure every purchase is meaningful.

Greater Goods Coffee also ‘makes good’ for their community by setting high standards of quality for their coffee. With the desire of delivering excellent coffee to their customers every time, they only select coffee beans that meet their quality control standards. Meaning all of their coffee must be clean enough to receive a minimum of 80 points or above on the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) scale. For Greater Goods, most of their coffee is an 84 or above.

Greater Goods then maintains their quality standards through their roasting process, by roasting all of their beans in small batches, to bring out the full flavor of each coffee variety.

Lastly, Greater Goods carries their love of coffee into their community with their own SCA certified training labs. Created to help individuals grow in their coffee knowledge and expertise, with classes for all skill levels.

For Greater Goods Coffee Co., their community is at the center of what they do. Whether they are sourcing, roasting, packaging, training, or brewing coffee, all of their actions and initiatives point back to their community, either through a good cup of coffee or a donation to a local non-profit.