Etta + Billie: San Francisco-Based Small Business

Sometimes, it is by happy chance that one stumbles into their passion. This is certainly true in the case of Etta + Billie. Alana Rivera, stumbled into the world of body care, while working at an office job that left her feeling unfulfilled and directionless. Her accidental run-in with soap, was the inspiration she needed. Alana, found that creating lathers gave her purpose, and a path to follow.

In the kitchen of her tiny, San Francisco apartment, Alana began experimenting with different aromas and ingredients. Creating batch after batch of mixtures and soaps, until she found the niche product she was searching for. By using the foods she adored as her inspiration point, she turned concepts such as lavender shortbread into lavender soap, and coffee with fresh mint into a cold brew mint coffee scrub.

After Alana found her sweet spot, she continued to hone her craft, and in 2009, following extensive research, testing, and countless trips to local bakeries and cocktail bars (for research, of course,) Alana launched Etta and Billie, naming it after her grandmothers, Grandma Etta and Grandma Billie.

Pouring herself into her new love, Alana grew Etta + Billie, from a small side hustle into her full time job. In 2014, she moved Etta + Billie from her small, San Francisco kitchen, into a studio space, allowing for more room to create, dream, and expand the business. Etta + Billie's growing presence also opened the doors for partnerships with well known San Francisco food brands, like Craftsman and Wolves, and Ritual Coffee.

Etta + Billie continue to create purposeful and revitalizing skincare, with the mission of turning our regular, everyday routines into something wonderful!