Bert's Bites: San Francisco-Based Small Business

Rich, whole almonds, sweet dried cranberries, whole grain oats, and organic maple syrup, the perfect combination that makes up the well loved treat, known as Bert’s Bites. 

As a mother of three boys, it wasn’t uncommon for Roberta Intrater, to see a group of hungry teenagers traipsing through her home, on the lookout for a snack. Meaning, Roberta always had snacks on hand, ready to feed the troops. One of those snacks happened to be Roberta’s beloved, family, granola recipe. Frequently requested, Roberta consistently had a supply on demand, ready to feed whoever might be in need of a treat.

Time passed and eventually Roberta’s three boys grew up and moved off to college. The usual demand for snacks was seemingly less frequent, except for one, Roberta’s granola; for which frequent requests were still made. With increasing demand for it, Roberta realized that the time had come to turn her treat into a business, a tasty all-day snack. So the adventure began. Roberta started experimenting with her receipt to find the perfect balance of ingredients. She tweaked it, then tweaked it a little more, and still a little more, until she had perfected the recipe into a tasty and addicting snack -- Bert’s Bites.

From a snack that fed hungry teenagers, Bert’s Bites has grown into a well loved brand. Now found in retail locations across San Francisco, the snack can often be found as a sidekick on camping trips, happy company on the road, a morning breakfast ritual, or a sweet addition to many recipes. No matter the occasion, Bert’s Bites, continues to warm the hearts of many and brings joy to snacking.