Artisane NYC: New York-Based Small Business

Mélanie grew up in the South of France, near Provence. Where nature expresses itself most acutely through its fragrances, filling the air with the scent of lavender and rose fields, and the fresh aroma of pine and olive trees. Mélanie loved France, but as most young adults do, she longed for adventure. So she left her promising career in law and moved to the United States, taking up residence in New York City.

New York was home, brimming with the adventure Mélanie longed for. Occasionally, however, Mélanie found herself missing the comfort of France, the familiar fragrances of lavender fields and olive trees. Thus, in an effort to bring the comfort and memories of France into her New York apartment, Mélanie, began purchasing candles scented with fragrances reminiscent of France, or her adventures abroad. 

Unfortunately, however, the low quality candles, which were made with paraffin wax and other chemicals, gave Mélanie headaches. In search of a solution, Mélanie started researching how to make natural candles, without chemicals and paraffin wax. After thorough research and meticulous product testing, Mélanie achieved success. Developing several quality scented candles that reminded her of France, but didn't give her a headache.

Finding success with her new candles, Mélanie decided to launch her natural candle business, Artisane. Purposed to spread the warmth and fragrance of France to others, without the toxic chemicals.