Keep Portland Smiling

We've partnered with dozens of small businesses around Portland, sourcing their high-quality, local goods to create boxes that help the community and keep Portland smiling.

While we've created pre-set boxes with an assortment of products, food and drink items, we also love to customize local city boxes!


Portland companies, please meet local Portland vendors.


Coava Coffee

In Portland, Oregon, Coava Coffee is raising the standard for excellent coffee. From bean to cup, their mission is to deliver coffee that delights the habitual coffee drinker and inspires even the most experienced barista.

portland partners

Here are a few of the small businesses we're working with:


Want to customize the box branding?

Branding your local city box order is just one way we can keep your company front-of-mind and create a great looking team surprise!

We can also take care of the following:

Custom SWAG Sourcing
Private Address Collection
Personalized Box Notes
Local Product Curation
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Let's create something special together

We'd love to chat with you about customizing a local Portland gift box!

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